Top 10 Celine Dion New Songs 2016 List, Upcoming Album Encore un soir (2016)

Celine Dion – Queen of Melodious Voice

Celine Dion is a popular Canadian singer, but her melodious voice is popular all over the world. She emerged as a teen star when her manager and future husband financed her first record. It was in 1990 that she released her album Unison following which she established herself as a popular pop star in North America and many other countries of the world. In fact, it was in 1980s that has first received her international recognition. Initially she started with a series of French albums, but later she recorded albums in English.

Celine Dion New Album 2016

The musical influence of this popular singer is from many genres like rock, classical and gospel. Apart from French and English, she has also recorded albums in Spanish, German, Italian, Latin and Chinese.

Top 10 Celine Dion Songs 2016 List

  1. My Heart Will Go On (1997)
  2. Because You Loved Me (1996)
  3. The Power of Love (1993)
  4. It’s All Coming Back to Me Now (1996)
  5. A New Day Has Come (2002)
  6. To Love You More (1995)
  7. That’s the Way It Is (1999)
  8. All by Myself (1996)
  9. Think Twice (1994)
  10. I’m Your Angel with R. Kelly (1998)

Best Celine Dion Songs List – Albums Music

  • Ne partez pas sans moi (1988)
  • On traverse un miroir (1987)
  • Beauty and the Beast (1991)
  • Un amour pour moi (1984)
  • The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (2000)
  • I’m Alive (2002)
  • In Some Small Way (2005)
  • Immortality with the Bee Gees (1998)
  • Goodbye’s (The Saddest Word) (2001)
  • Love Can Move Mountains (1992)
  • You and I (2004)
  • Breakaway (2013)
  • I Believe in You with Il Divo (2006)
  • Taking Chances (2007)
  • Where Does My Heart Beat Now (1990)
  • Fais ce que tu voudras (1986)
  • When I Fall in Love (1993)
  • O Holy Night (2013)
  • Loved Me Back to Life (2013)
  • L’amour viendra (1982)
  • My Love (2008)
  • Mon ami m’a quittée (1983)
  • Water and a Flame (2014)
  • Le miracle (2012)
  • Stand by Your Side (2003)
  • The Prayer with Josh Groban (2008)
  • L’hymne with Fred Pellerin (2015)

However, her releases have received mixed reactions from different audiences. Her powerful vocals are one of the most prominent things that distinguish her from many popular singers. Celine Dion successfully won 5 Grammy awards along with many other recognized awards. She was also awarded with the best selling music artist of all times. She tops the list of billboards and also appreciated for her work in music world.

Celine Dion New Album 2016 Upcoming

  • Encore un soir (2016) French Language Album, to be released worldwide on 26 August 2016.

Celine Dion New Songs 2016 List

  • The Show Must Go On ft. Lindsey Stirling (2016)
  • Trois heures vingt (2016)
  • Encore un soir (2016)

Many critics state that Celine Dion is often retreated by the music of conventions and souls due to which it has been marketed as excessive sentimentality. It has also been seen that she is often the object of media ridicule. Irrespective of these criticisms, the start successfully emerged to be popular in different parts of the world. She even conducts several shows till date attracting large numbers of crowds in the shows. It is worthwhile to watch her performing live on stage. Huge crowds and audiences admire her and also respects for her devotion towards music.

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