Jason Derulo New Songs 2017 Albums Top 10 List

Jason Derulo is a very famous singer, song-writer, dancer as well as actor. He was born on September 21, 1989 in Miami, Florida. He is one of the most popular top teen sensations these days. He has been ruling over the world of pop music since many days. This famous singer and song-writer started his career as a child of three years. He wrote his first song ever titled “Crush on You” which became a much hit song of the year. Jason Derulo has a very huge fan following all over the world. He is one of the most popular singers all over the world. He is a big heart throb among the young girls. This fame and this reputations attained by this celebrity with a lot of hard work and talent. He has worked with many organizations, singers and record companies to make and evolve the future of pop music. Jason Derulo is a very famous name all around the globe. Not only does he produce hip hop and pop songs, but this actor doesn’t seem to be shying away from the romantic side of his.

Jason Derulo New Album 2017

The lyrics of his songs are heart touching. He has created a sensation with his songs and has become the favorite singer among the teens. He has written some amazing songs and lyrics that sweep your feet away from the floor. The songs by Jason Derulo leave you love struck and make you completely involved in them. You might get so indulged in his songs that you do not remember anything while listening to his beats. He is called a heart throb for a reason.

Top 10 Jason Derulo Songs 2017 List

  1. In My Head (2009)
  2. Talk Dirty ft. 2 Chainz (2013)
  3. The Sky’s the Limit (2010)
  4. Wiggle ft. Snoop Dogg (2014)
  5. Whatcha Say (2009)
  6. Get Ugly (2015)
  7. Don’t Wanna Go Home (2011)
  8. Bubblegum ft. Tyga (2014)
  9. If It Ain’t Love (2016)
  10. Stupid Love (2014)

Best of Jason Derulo Songs List

  • Try Me ft. Jennifer Lopez & Matoma (2015)
  • Pick Up the Pieces (2012)
  • Ridin’ Solo (2010)
  • Trumpets (2013)
  • Naked (2016)
  • Fight for You (2011)
  • Want to Want Me (2015)
  • Fire feat. Pitbull (2013)
  • It Girl (2011)
  • Secret Love Song with Little Mix (2016)
  • The Other Side (2013)
  • Drive You Crazy with Pitbull ft. Juicy J (2015)
  • What If (2010)
  • Undefeated (2012)
  • Hello Friday with Flo Rida (2016)
  • Marry Me (2013)
  • Cheyenne (2015)
  • Breathing (2011)
  • Coming Home with Pixie Lott (2010)

He has collaborated with many producers and song writers as well as musicians to make music a much better experience for the listeners. His latest hits include the “Naked” and the “Secret Love Song” songs which received high appreciation by all. His songs are more heard over the I-pods than the DJ floors but they are perfect for a wedding ceremony. While making his career, Jason Derulo also learnt many other things including theatre, opera, as well as ballet. He also pursued basketball as his passion and developed his skills in the game.

Jason Derulo New Songs 2017 List

Jason Derulo Albums Discography

  • Everything Is 4 (2015)
  • Future History (2011)
  • Talk Dirty (2014)
  • Jason Derulo (2010)
  • Tattoos (2013)

Jason Derulo Tours

  • Everything Is 4 Tour (2016)

The songs by Jason Derulo are famous for their beautiful lyrics and amazing music beats. His voice sweeps your feet away and takes your heart beat. It makes you groove to its rhythm while making you remember all the sweet moments you have spent with your loved ones. They are perfect to be played on a wedding day as they make the atmosphere romantic and bring a charisma to the wedding. Jason Derulo songs have been very famous for being on the top of every wedding list. For a perfect wedding, you must have the perfect list of songs. Jason Derulo songs make your wedding a successful event by their aura and he beauty of their lyrics. His songs are on the top of Billboard top 100. So just stay tuned for more information regarding Jason Derulo songs and albums.

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