Jaz Dhami New Songs 2016 Top 10 List Upcoming Album 2017

Jaz Dhami Biography: Is a Perfect Example of Growing Bhangra Singer. Jaz Dhami was born in the year 1986, 1 March and is an international music artist with special emphasizing on the Bhangra genre. He signed his contract with Sanchez Productions Ltd in the year 2008 and later, released his debut album JD, in the year 2009, July. One of these major hits was ‘Theke-Wali’, which became a blockbuster for quite time now. It was in the year 2011, when he co-produced “Tere Naal” with DJ Harvey. There, he has a duet with famous Bollywood singer “Jayshree Shivram”. Apart from being a producer and singer, Jaz Dhami is also a successful composer and musician. He even worked under some famous labels namely Speed Records and Sanchez Productions. Some of his associated acts are with Kam Frantic, Amar Haldipur, Jayshree Shivram and more.

Jaz Dhami New Songs 2017

The list long of his achievement and he is adding more and more to it. It was in the year 2007, when Jaz Dhami first started his career in an album Groundshaker 2, with the song “Sadi Jind Jaan”. It became a massive hit, even on international musical charts.

Jaz Dhami New Songs 2016 List

  • Humne Pee Rakhi Hai with Ikka Singh & Neha Kakkar (2016)
  • Bhangra Machine feat. PBN MovieBox (2016)
  • High Heel Te Nachche with Aditi Singh Sharma (2016)

Jaz Dhami New Album 2017 Discography

  • Jakara (2012)
  • Roj Miliye (2010)
  • JD (2009)
  • Groundshaker 2 (2008) with Aman Hayer

He later released his debut album, “JD” on July 24, 2009. Some eminent tracks of his album are Theke Wali, Roji Miliye, Bari Der and Tera Mera. These are some of his finest milestones in life. Jaz Dhami is also known for his “High Heels”, which he did in collaboration with Yo Yo Honey Singh.

Top 10 Jaz Dhami Songs 2016 List

  • High Heels feat. Honey Singh (2012)
  • Zulfa feat. Dr Zeus (2013)
  • Bhangra Shuroo (2009)
  • Meh Punjabi Boli Ah (2013)
  • Thor Panjabi (2009)
  • Pasina feat. Ikka & Sneakbo (2014)
  • Tera Mera (2009)
  • Sitarey Tigerstyle (2015)
  • Gabroo (2009)
  • Munda Like Me (2015)
  • Jind Jaan
  • Bari Der (2010)
  • Pyaar (2009)
  • Beparwaiyan (2015)
  • Theke Wali (2009)
  • Sithneyan feat. Aman Hayer (2015)
  • Lehnga (2009)
  • Tere Naal (2011)
  • Tera Mera (2009)
  • God Only Knows
  • Roj Miliye (2008)
  • Tu Hi Sadi Jind
  • Sona Munda feat. Vigilante (2009)

His latest hit is ‘High Heel Te Nachche with Aditi Singh Sharma’, which has again reached the highest marks in music charts. A great entertainer with immense talent as one can define him. Being a fan follower, all our luck is with you just reach the height of success. Jaz Dhami is also involved in various encouraging community works and is now associated with The Football Association, Chelsea FC, Aston Villa FC and more.

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