Shweta Mohan New Songs 2016 List Top 10

Shweta Mohan is a new playback singer emerged in the Indian musical industry. She is known for her singing creations in varied languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi. She is a versatile singer who is quite famous among her fans. Along with the singing ability, she is popularly known for her amazing looks and beauty. With her wonderful voice, she has given several songs to this industry and also working on many. Among her collection of songs, some have brought great recognition from the public as well as critics. Let’s discuss about top 10 Shweta Mohan songs in little detail.

Shweta Mohan Songs 2016

Top 10 Best Shweta Mohan Songs List

01.  Thananana Thanthanaa: It’s a Tamil song from the blockbuster movie ‘Vithagan’. The song beholds a mesmerized combination of great lyrics and beautiful voice of Shweta. Undoubtedly, this top song deserves to be the number one song on the top 10 Shweta Mohan songs lists.

02.  Ini Paadu Madhumozhi: Again a wonderful presentation by Shweta in her excellent voice. This song is from the album ‘Pianist’. It proves the singing caliber of this young singer and helps her makes a separate stand in the musical industry. It is one of the best Shweta Mohan songs.

03.  Yevevo Kalale: It’s an amazing song from the Telugu movie ‘Genius’. The movie in itself was a blockbuster and so as the song. Shweta sung this song very beautifully and marked it as one of her finest presentation for music freaks.

04.  Puriyavillai: It was from the great Tamil blockbuster movie ‘Singam 2’. Just as the movie was a hit and so as this lovely song sung by shweta. Because of its amazing lyrics and mesmerized sound track, it is one of the latest Shweta Mohan songs.

05.  Rakshaka: It’s a Malayalam song sung by Shweta. Just like her versatile persona, her songs also marked their presence among her fans. This song was a great hit of its time and brought great recognition for Shweta. It was from the movie ‘Kadal Kadannu Oru Mathukutty’.

06.  Aliveni: Again a Malayalam hit by Shweta from the movie ‘Kadha Veedu’. This song is one of the top Shweta Mohan songs that had proved that this singing sensation has a brought future ahead. She receives great acclaims from both critics and public for this song.

07.  Nisha Surabhi: The movie ‘Ivan Megharoopan’ was a hit of its time and receives appreciation for this song also. It’s a melodious version with beautiful lyrics and amazing voice of Shweta Mohan.

08.  Khilli Re: This song is from the movie ‘Raavan’ that helps her to establish herself in the Indian music industry. It is one of the best Shweta Mohan songs that help her in becoming the all-time favorite of music freaks.

09.  Baazi Laga: Again a Hindi song from the movie ‘Guru’. This is the song that has marked her beginning in the Indian music industry. It was an entertaining song with wonderful voice of Shweta.

10.  Ambala Muthate: This Malayalam song is one of the latest Shweta Mohan songs for which she receives great appreciation.

Shweta Mohan Malayalam Songs

  • Venpakal Kili with Sachin Warrier (2015)
  • Akkam Pakkam with Mohan Sithara (2008)
  • Aaro Aaro Ennariyathe with Sreejith Pillai (2013)
  • Alaipaayuthe with K Krishnakumar (2007)
  • Innaleyolam Vannanayaathoru (2014)
  • Nin Mizhiyil Thenmozhiyil with Vidhu Prathap (2009)
  • Mindaathe Mindunnu with Shreekumar Vakkiyil (2011)
  • Mandaarappoo with Madhu Balakrishnan (2007)
  • NIlave with Antony John (2015)
  • Paalapoovithalil with KK Nishad (2008)
  • Sakhiye Diff with Gopi Sundar (2012)
  • Ee Thanutha Manchurangal with Karthik (2015)
  • Etho Januvary Maasam (2009)
  • Sundari Onnu Parayoo with Udit Narayan (2006)
  • I Love You Mummy with Devika Deepak Dev (2015)
  • Oru Malar Manchalumaay with Vijay Yesudas (2010)
  • Karalilozhukum with Shaan Rahman (2013)
  • Paathiraakkuyil with Vijay Yesudas (2008)
  • Ammathinkal Painkili with Rakesh Brahmanandan (2013)

Shweta Mohan New Songs 2016 List

  • Chenthamara Chundil with Haricharan (2016)

Shweta Mohan Tamil Songs

  • Yamma Yamma with S. P. Balasubrahmanyam (2011)
  • Oru Adangapidari with Shankar Mahadevan (2009)
  • Yaeli Yaeli with Sathya Prakash (2015)
  • O Nenje with Benny Dayal (2007)
  • Munnadi Pora Pulla with Divya Kumar (2013)
  • Yedhedo Ennangal Vandhu with Yuvan Shankar Raja (2006)
  • Enna Solla (2015) from Thanga Magan
  • Mama Mama with Vijay Yesudas (2010)
  • Neethana Neethana with Ranjith (2008)
  • Mazhayin Sarlil with Gunasekaran (2014)
  • Thithikum Theeyai with KK (2009)
  • Damma Damma with Haricharan (2012)
  • Vinnai Kappan with Tippu (2011)
  • Jodi Nilave with Dhanush (2015)
  • Vellai Maiyil with Udit Narayan (2013)

Shweta Mohan Hindi Songs

  • Baazi Laga with Udit Narayan and Madhushree (2007)
  • Khili Re with Backing Vocals (2008)
  • Yun Hi Re with Anirudh Ravichander (2010)

Shweta Mohan Telugu Songs

  • Amma Thale with Naresh Iyer (2010)
  • Dil Se with Karthik (2012)
  • Odini Lali with Dhanush (2015)
  • Boom Boom Robo Ra with Tanvi Shah (2010)
  • Masti Masti with Sooraj Santhosh (2015)
  • Mellamellga Chigurinchene with Anjana Sowmya (2013)

Shweta Mohan Kannada Songs

  • Dilkush with Sonu Nigam (2010)
  • Kanasali Nadesu (2015)
  • Lovely London (2007)
  • Sanchari Manasu with Nivas (2012)
  • Hosadondu Hesaridu with Karthik (2010)
  • Sarigama Sangamave with Megha (2012)
  • Kanase Nanna Saviganase (2011)

Shweta Mohan is known for her incredibility and excellence. The Indian musical industry praises such talent and feels proud to have such gem person with it. The above top 10 Shweta Mohan songs and other songs are all-time favorite of today’s generation.

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