Taio Cruz New Album 2017 Upcoming, Top 10 Songs List

Taio Cruz was born on 23rd April, 1985 in London, England. He is a top sensation among the young generation. He has made a niche in the world of music. He has made music a new experience after all with his ultimate music and his amazing numbers. He is one of the most popular celebrities in the world these days and his songs, one of the mostly heard songs. Taio Cruz is one of the most searched persons on the internet. He has made it to the top in just a matter of few years. Not everyone is able to achieve this amount of success in such a short period of time. This singer, record producer, song writer, entrepreneur and rapper is a very talented person and has tried his hand in almost everything in showbiz. Taio Cruz produced, created, sung and managed the album “Departure” all on his own. He is a very talented personality and his talent has made him reach the heights today.

Taio Cruz Songs 2017

He has made himself a person known to every single kid on the planet by his large range of songs and raps which reach and penetrate your soul. His lyrics are heart touching and that is most probably the reason why he is a heart throb in this date. He is very popular for his “Break Your Heart” and “Dynamite”. Taio Cruz has made the world dance to his tunes with these singles. He works very hard in his business. He has made collaborations with many companies, organizations and singers in order to produce better music and change the way people listen to music.

Top 10 Taio Cruz Songs of All Time

  1. Break Your Heart ft. Ludacris (2009)
  2. Come on Girl feat. Luciana (2008)
  3. Hangover ft. Flo Rida (2011)
  4. Dynamite (2010)
  5. Troublemaker (2011)
  6. Dirty Picture ft. Ke$ha (2010)
  7. Little Bad Girl with David Guetta (2011)
  8. Fast Car (2012)
  9. Do What You Like (2015)
  10. Falling in Love (2011)

Best of Taio Cruz Songs List

  • There She Goes ft. Pitbull (2012)
  • She’s like a Star (2008)
  • Telling the World (2011)
  • Rainfall with Nitin Sawhney (2003)
  • I Just Wanna Know (2006)
  • Higher ft. Kylie Minogue & Travie McCoy (2010)
  • World in Our Hands (2012)
  • Moving On (2007)
  • Take Me Back with Tinchy Stryder (2009)
  • I Can Be (2008)
  • Shine a Light with McFly (2010)
  • No Other One (2009)

He wants to penetrate the soul of a person with his lyrics and his voice. He has a mesmerizing sensation in his voice which leaves you completely swept away once you listen to one of his number. His songs are not only released on albums, but they also are used in movies. He has made it through as an amazing playback singer as well. Every single song by Taio Cruz has made it to the Billboard top 100 list of songs. He started his song writing career at an age of twelve years and developed his skills to make it to the entertainment world by his amazing lyrics.

Taio Cruz New Songs 2017 List

  • Booty Bounce with Tujamo (2016)

The songs by Taio Cruz are perfectly ideal to be played at the wedding day. List of Taio Cruz songs includes many numbers which can be played at the DJ floor on the wedding. His list of romantic songs also makes it perfect to be played on the ceremony day. Taio Cruz songs are charismatic and mesmerizing. They make you groove to the rhythm and are suited for people of any age. Keep yourself engaged and enjoy in the rhythm of these days and do keep a check on the recent updates.

Taio Cruz New Album 2017 Upcoming

  • TY.O (2011)
  • Rokstarr (2009)
  • Departure (2008)

Weddings are eagerly waited for because they are very special for the two souls who are going to unite. Thus, it is necessary that you choose the perfect songs to be played during the wedding ceremony. Taio Cruz has a huge list of songs that can be selected in this regard and can be played at the time of wedding. His songs take you by your breath and are very smoothing to the ears. Keep in touch with the Taio Cruz new album songs 2017 yet to come.

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