Faith Hill, popular country pop singer was born on 21st September, 1967. This successful singer is married to country singer Tim McGraw and with him; she has recorded many successful duets and gave many top Faith Hill songs. All the albums are successful internationally and sold about 40 million records globally. Her first two albums, i.e. Take Me as I Am and It Matters to Me established her as a successful country singer. These albums are placed in the Billboard’s country charts and the major successes in the North America. Later on she received the international fame and recognition with the release of the next two albums, i.e. Faith and Breathe. Due to the huge success of these two albums, Hill became the winner of three Grammy Awards and Best Country Album.

Faith Hill New Songs 2017

The Tim McGraw Faith Hill album was the first international hit of her career and the Breathe became the best selling album to the date and declared as one of the best selling country albums of all the time.

Top 10 Faith Hill Songs of 2017

1.    Sunshine and Summertime (2006)
2.    There Will Come a Day (2001)
3.    American Heart (2012)
4.    It Matters to Me (1995)
5.    A Baby Changes Everything (2008)
6.    Love Ain’t Like That (1999)
7.    Let’s Go to Vegas (1995)
8.    It’s Your Love (1997)
9.    Baby You Belong (2003)
10.  Where Are You, Christmas? (2000)

Best of Faith Hill Songs List from Albums

11.    I Need You (2007)
12.    Who I Am (1997)
13.    Meanwhile Back at Mama’s (2014)
14.    Red Umbrella (2007)
15.    Just to Hear You Say That (1998)
16.    The Way You Love Me (2000)
17.    Like We Never Loved at All (2005)
18.    Piece of My Heart (1994)
19.    If My Heart Had Wings (2001)
20.    If I’m Not in Love (1999)
21.    Take Me as I Am (1994)
22.    When the Lights Go Down (2003)
23.    Let’s Make Love with Tim McGraw (2000)
24.    Let Me Let Go (1998)
25.    Give In to Me (2011)
26.    I Can’t Do That Anymore (1996)
27.    The Secret of Life (1999)
28.    O Come All Ye Faithful (2009)
29.    One Heart at a Time (1998)
30.    Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (2008)
31.     Someone Else’s Dream (1996)

Both these albums are included in the list of best Faith Hill album due to the huge crossover success. After that, she released number of albums like Pearl Harbor, Cry, Fireflies and many others and all are rocked throughout the world.

Faith Hill New Album 2017

  • Deep Tracks (2016)

Faith Hill Album (Discography)

  • Breathe (1999)
  • Cry (2002)
  • Faith (1998)
  • Joy to the World (2008)
  • Take Me as I Am (1993)
  • Fireflies (2005)
  • It Matters to Me (1995)

Faith Hill New Songs 2017 List

  • Forever Country (2016)

Throughout the successful journey of Hill, she won 15 Academy of Country Music Awards, Five Grammy Awards, Six American Music Awards and several other awards for many popular Faith Hill albums. Her Soul2Soul II Tour 2006 with the McGraw was successful and became the highest grossing country tour of all the time. In 2009, Billboard declared her as a number one Adult Contemporary artist for the 2000 decade and the 39th best artist of all the time. Faith Hill has given her voice to the NBC Sunday Night Football’s intro song for the 2007-2012.

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