Katy Perry Biography : originally known as the Katheryn Elizabeth, is a versatile artist and actress. This musical teenage artist did not had much acquaintance with the pop music which was the actual reason, she choose gospel music as a career. Her first album was released in the year 2001 followed by one collaborative and one solo album. But she did not receive much recognition with these albums. The reason behind was the unawareness of pop music. But, Kate Perry had big plan in her mind. All these gave her recognition, name and fame. Kate Perry received number of awards for her music which was a combination of electronic music, funk and Hip hop, along with pop and rock music. She received Grammy award and several other nominations.

Katy Perry New Album 2016

In the year 2007, the plan was framed and her consequent release of albums gave her prominence and limelight.

•    I Kissed a Girl
•    One of the Boys
•    Teenage Dream
•    Part of Me
•    Prism
•    Roar

Katy Perry New Songs 2015, 2016

  • Every Day Is a Holiday (2015)

In the year 2012, the Katy Perry was also awarded as the women of the year. Peeping in her personal life she has younger brother named Hudson who is also a singer. During her childhood, she attended religious school along with her other siblings. At the age 13, she got her first guitar and this was actual beginning of musical platform.

Katy Perry New Songs 2016

List of Top 10 Katy Perry Songs 2016

  1. Firework (2010)
  2. Peacock (2010)
  3. Teenage Dream (2010)
  4. Roar (2013)
  5. Ur So Gay (2007)
  6. Thinking of You (2009)
  7. International Smile (2013)
  8. Hot n Cold (2008)
  9. California Gurls feat. Snoop Dogg (2010)
  10. Birthday (2014)
  11. I Kissed a Girl (2008)
  12. Dressin’ Up (2012)
  13. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) (2011)
  14. Bad Photographs (2013)
  15. The One That Got Away (2011)

Best Katy Perry Songs List – Album Hits

  • Circle the Drain (2010)
  • Not Like the Movies (2010)
  • Legendary Lover (2013)
  • E.T. feat. Kanye West (2011)
  • Waking Up in Vegas (2009)
  • If You Can Afford Me (2009)
  • By The Grace of God (2013)
  • Wide Awake (2012)
  • This Is How We Do (2014)
  • Part of Me (2012)
  • Dark Horse feat. Juicy J (2013)
  • Hummingbird Heartbeat (2012)
  • Goodbye for Now with P.O.D. (2006)
  • One of the Boys (2008)
  • If We Ever Meet Again with Timbarland (2009)

Since, Kate Perry belonged to a poor family she has grown up playing guitar and singing song publicly to earn her living. From the age of nine to sixteen, she has listened and played music. At the early age, the Katy Perry was not allowed listen to all music especially secular music due to parents believe that it harms the child attitude. Yet, with her friends cooperation she manage to watch MTV at their home and listen to such music through friend’s CDs. This is how Katy Perry discovered pop music and later ruled the world with outstanding composition.

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