Tyler Hilton New Songs 2016 Top 20 List Upcoming Album 2017

Tyler Hilton Biography: Tyler James Hilton was born on November 22, 1983, in Palm Springs, California. His mother’s name is Kristy née Herren and his father’s name is Robert George Hilton. He is a popular singer, songwriter and actor. Hilton has ventured into acting career and played a guest appearance in The CW’s One Tree Hill and the Elvis Presley character in the Johny Cash biopic ‘Walk the Line’. In the year 2000, he started his journey in the music field as his professional career. On the set of Charlie Barlett he met with actress Megan Park and started dating with her and wed in october 2015. He worked in various music videos like- Gloriana Band’s music video “Kissed you Good Night” and Taylor Swift’s music video “Teardrops on My Guitar”.

Tyler Hilton Songs 2017

In 2004, Tyler Hilton released a self titled EP. After releasing of this album he joined Josh Groban, Avril Lavigne, Jet and 50 Cent as an artist. He sang an a Capella version of Jonny Lang’s song “Breakin’ Me”.

Tyler Hilton New Songs 2016 Top 20 List

  1. Last Promise (2000)
  2. The Letter Song (2004)
  3. You’ll Ask for Me (2012)
  4. New York Can Wait (2000)
  5. Shy Girl (2000)
  6. Ain’t No Fooling Me (2012)
  7. Rolling Home (2004)
  8. It’s Only Love (2000)
  9. Our Time (2004)
  10. Don’t Blame Me (2000)
  11. Meant Something to Me (2000)
  12. It’s Always the Same (2000)
  13. Give Me That Summer (2014)
  14. Hey Jesus (2012)
  15. That Kind of Night (2014)
  16. Loaded Gun (2012)
  17. Can’t Stop Now (2012)
  18. Picture Perfect (2004)
  19. Time’s A Wastin’ (2014)
  20. Up Late Again (2000)

Best of Tyler Hilton Songs Top 10 Hits

  • This Is Where My Heart Breaks (2014)
  • California (2014)
  • When It Comes (2004)
  • Not Getting Your Name (2000)
  • Kiss On (2004)
  • You, My Love (2004)
  • Just Might Be Tonight (2014)
  • One More Song (2014)
  • Kicking My Heels (2012)
  • Jenny ft. Elizabeth Huett (2012)
  • Insomnia (2004)
  • I Want To Be In Love So Bad (2014)
  • Leave Him (2012)
  • Pink and Black (2004)
  • Studio Chatter (2014)
  • Someone Like You (2000)

The Hilton’s performance gave him a spot on the station’s Christmas show, Mark and Brian were so overwhelmed with that. On September 28, 2004 he released all 4 songs were included on his 1st album Tyler Hilton tracks. He was part of a 23 city concert tour together with Lenz, Gavin Degraw and The Wreckers in 2005. In May 2009 his EP, Better on Beachwood, features 3 songs were out. His another EP Ladies & Gentlemen followed in year 2010 & features 5 songs.

Tyler Hilton Albums

  • Forget The Storm (2012)
  • Tyler Hilton (2000)
  • Live in Atlanta (2012)
  • The Tracks Of (2004)
  • Indian Summer (2014)
  • Forget the Storm (Deluxe Edition) (2013)

Tyler Hilton New Album 2017 Upcoming

Tyler Hilton both EPs are presented on iTunes. Hilton played a young-version of Elvis Presley in the Academy Award winning film Walk the Line, after his stint on One Tree Hill as Chris Keller. In 2011, Tyler Hilton song i.e. Faithfull was the Larry Crowne’s soundtrack. Hilton performed in season 4 episode of My Super Sweet-Sixteen and also appeared in Vh1’s Single Ladies. Tyler Hilton has a long way to go, we wish him Good Luck for a bright future ahead.

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