List of Top 10 Most Popular Football Goalkeepers 2016

Famous Football Goalkeepers 2015, 2016 in the World

Goalkeeper, the most important player in any football team, is actually the savior of the team and works as the wall between the two posts. Unlike the football team players, goal keepers have attained special recognition in past few years. The reason behind this popularity revolves around football fever and evolution shown by some of the devastating strikers. There are several goalkeepers who have shown well in their performance but some are outstanding enough to acquire special position among the top list. Let’s scrabble out the names of top 10 football goalkeepers 2015.

Top 10 Football Goalkeepers 2015, 2016 List

Manuel Neuer: Winner of best goalkeeper title and golden gloves at the FIFA 2014 World cup, Manuel tops the list of top 10 football goalkeepers 2015. With his superb and outstanding defensive techniques, he had saved his team from defeat many times.

Best Football Goalkeepers 2016

Iker Casillas: Popularly known as ‘Saint Iker’, he is the owner of spectacular defense skills. He scores second top position in the top 10 list due to his savior role played in 2010 World cup in which Spain grabbed the winner title.

Gianluigi Buffon: One of the best goalkeepers, Buffon holds a special place in the heart of football lovers. With his impressive attitude towards striking defense, he helps Italy to grab the 2006 football world cup.

Victor Valdes: This terrific youth is known for his best performance in one-on-one situations. His career is full of leaps and bounds; still he remains the most successful goalkeeper for Spain and Barcelona. Valdes has also earned his first cap in 2010 for Spain football team.

Petr Cech: Known for being a classy model of consistency, Cech hardly makes an error while playing defense. Till now, he has grabbed three Premiere League title and a Champions League title in his name. With his ultimate contribution to the football, he is considered one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

Most Popular Football Goalkeepers 2016 List

Joe Hart: He is the one who maintains the equilibrium at the defense position both by being calm and authoritative. With this quality, he maintains the position of being a superb shot-stopper for England National team. His caliber made a huge contribution in 2012 Citizen’s win.

Thibaut Courtois: He is one of the most successful and best goal keepers among the top football goalkeepers all around the world. Basically belongs to Chelsea, he is also ranked as the World’s most efficient shot stopper at a very little age.

Julio Cesar: when Brazil qualifies in 2010 world cup, it introduces Julio Cesar as the first and foremost choice for goal keeper post. He has shown tremendous performance in many of the matches.

Hugo Lloris: a promising goalkeeper known for his long reach and superb reflexes. Currently he is the captain of France National Team.

Samir Handanovic: One of the emerging goalkeepers in the world, Samir proved to be an asset for his team of Inter Milan. He scores well in penalty savings.

The above list of top 10 football goalkeepers are the best choices made by the fan following, they are those who own the capability to create fire in the game with their ultimate performance.

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