Peach Iced Tea Recipe

Brew yourselves an extremely delicious Iced Tea recipe and have a fun filled afternoon with your family and friends. Here is a list of the world’s top 10 Ice Tea recipes: Top 10 Most Refreshing Iced Tea Recipes of the World 01.  Peach Iced Tea: Using 3-12 ounces of peach juice, 2 quarts of tea, 1 cup of sugar and ¼ cup of lemon juice, combine all the components. Then using chilled ice for the cooling you’ll have a sweet yet not so bitter drink of the Peach Ice Tea. 02.  Lime Mint Iced Tea: Mix the four tea bags, ¼ cups of mint leavesRead More →

Global Warming on Coffee Industry

Impact of global warming over environmental conditions is now proven. Coffee crops are also not exceptions. A considerable amount of threat is being possessed by global warming to coffee crops. Coffee requires sufficient amount of water and preferably low temperatures for its growth. Due to global warming, various fine coffee producing sites are now been shifted to some cooler and higher areas in order to have fine production. Impact of Global Warming on Coffee Industry According to a recent report presented by Licht’s international coffee, coffee growers and producers should get mentally prepared for the challenge being offered by the global warming. Various researches haveRead More →

Think Coffee Jaipur

Think Coffee – when you want to get attracted towards a ravishing cup of coffee. The aroma of a thick, tasty and creamy coffee revives the good old days when you shared a cup of coffee with your beloved in the nearby coffee shop of your locality. It is one of the best sensational drinks till date on which any one can bang on without any choice anytime and anywhere. Almost every one of us enjoy coffee and relish it like anything and the situation become more dramatic when you share the cup with someone next to you. But very less of the population knowsRead More →

History of Tea in India

Tea History and Biography For centuries, earlier than the ancient times off our forefathers we’ve been familiarized with the very taste, aroma and preparation of Tea. It really sounds old, however what a wonderful drink it is. Consisting of tranquilizing properties, the substance is said to be extremely healthy and good for soothing the nerves. There are countless varieties when it comes to ‘Tea’; White, Black, Green, Yellow, Oolong and Post fermented Tea are the commonly known types. The most common part of the day known specifically as ‘Tea Time’ is one such afternoon when the family would usually gather around, chat, converse or merelyRead More →

Coffee Morning

Think Coffee – a beverage of universal fame. Thinking about Coffee invariably kindles your sense of smelling first. The beautiful aroma of superfine coffee seeds, roasted at the right degree of temperature; ground and made a right blend, to suit every coffee lover’s taste is really inescapable to your nostrils. Add to the right mix of decoction with first quality milk and sugar cubes. What you get is a hot coffee, the rejuvenator for many people in the morning, to start their work briskly. For them it is a Coffee-Morning rather than Good Morning. Is It Good Morning Or Coffee Morning? The other sense ofRead More →